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" The path from dreams to success does exist , provided you have the vision to find it , the courage  to get on it and the perservance to follow it" - Kalpana Chawla.


This is what we wish to achieve in all AVVians. It is often believed that a systematized Education module is superior to informal systems, but more important than the outcome or the resultant product  is the impact on or contribution to the society. Mere Transfer of knowledge is not education. the students would learn to use the knowledge wisely and in a manner tjhat will serve the common good in positive way. Look at the pandavas & Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata. They were educated under the same system and by the same guru. Then where do you think the kauravas went wrong? Duryodhana was also full of ego, arrogance, ambitious & overconfident that led to his destruction & his brothers follow his path. They did not applied their knowledge & abilities in the right direction. Hence their knowledge went waste. One should learn to be humble, irrespective of the portion or knowledge one possess. Therefore children dream that dream that develop a personal reason - Out of life's infinite possibilities, each of you must carve fraction for yourselves.We go through life with blinders on our eyes, afraid to dream bigger dream and to do things we fear. Just remember, if you are not persuing your dreams, you are fueling your limitations. To Avoid the total Confusion that results if you try to move in different directions at the same time, pick the  highest goal that suits who you are and what you want from life. We wish all AVVians should dare to percieve their goals and achieve them with preservance.


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