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Club Activities

Innovation in Science and technology will be vital for tackling today’s global challenges, from reducing poverty to ensuring sustainable development of society. This is a group of students who love to play with science. Mission of this club is to interest more students in science and to allow them to sharpen their skills in that area. This club will train members to participate in interschool, regional and national science competitions.

The I.T. Club enables students of all grade levels to explore the computer in an open setting. Students use a variety of software applications to engage in diverse activities such as desktop publishing, web page design, gaming, and computer programming etc. This club helps the children in getting knowledge in latest upcoming of IT field.

Maths Club also called “Mathemagicians” is a club that showcases a range of magic tricks that are based within ‘Fundamental’ mathematical techniques from outside the curriculum. These tricks will hopefully amaze the students to get interested in more complicated Mathematics, such as binary numbers and stacking sequences. The main aim of this club is to sharpen the student’s mental aptitude using puzzles, quiz, mathematical solutions, models etc.

The Art and Craft club gives children the opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide variety of exciting techniques and materials in a relaxed and safe environment. With the support and encouragement of our experienced artist tutors, children will not only build up an impressive range of new skills, they will also crucially build their self-esteem and confidence in their own creative abilities. On deep level, art is a form of communication, it is another way of expressing emotions and it can help with processing feeling and experiences. It allows children to gain self-confidence and belief in their abilities to learn through play. The core values are based on inspiring children’s imagination and giving our future generation the skill of creativity.

Kudo is a hybrid martial art from Japan developed by Jokucho Takashi Azuma. It is full contact karate with gloves, imbibing throwing and grappling techniques including restraint, locks and strangles holds. The goal of kudo is to come as close as possible to handle realistic situations, real fighting and defense with appropriate protective clothing. Kudo is practiced in more than 52 countries. Shihan Akshay Kumar the famous bollywood actor has been instrumental in bringing this martial art to our country and is currently the chairperson of kifi-kudo international federation India. So Shihan Mehul Vora is president and sensei Vispy Kharadi is the treasurer of kifi. Vispy Kharadi – the first asain to hold 4 guinness world records in various martial art feats is the head sensei (coach) spreading kudo across Surat. The training of kudo consists primarily of kihon – a general fitness training and combat. Kudo is a comprehensive martial art and philosophy, in which both the physical as well as mental development are considered.

Music fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. Music can make time feel frozen. Music also has the power to suggest movement. This club introduces students with instrumental music & provides the main focus of the guitar, tabla & casio. They learn about basic ensemble skills and are encouraged to practice in their own time and in the school. Here the students are informed about the importance of music in one’s life & also how to make a career in music. The members of this club perform in school functions.

The club aims to educate its members about theater and give its members a forum for creative expression. The club provides a medium to the students to nurture their skills and enable them to communicate their internal and external expression through the mode of theatre. They also build students’ self-confidence, creativity, teamwork abilities, self-discipline, and presentation skills. Students stretch their dramatic muscles by learning acting basics as they rehearse for various performances. They prepare the students for various inter-school drama competitions. On Anti-Drugs Day the students of this club performed skit in VR Mall and bagged first prize.

+919712611100, +919712615150, +919712618180

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